This beautiful business journey all began in 1963, with Maurice Oberson the founder of it all. While people were still skiing with lace-up boots, he began his own business. Mr. Oberson opened up his first ski shop in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. 55 years later, and Oberson has grew largely in Quebec, with many locations. At Oberson, they are inspired and passionate about sports and mountains. What better way to encourage the rest of the world than to keep feeding their passion through business. Action Sports are Oberson’s specialty, and through selling their products they can promote skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading, longboarding, and biking. They target dedicated skiers, snowboarders, cyclists and skaters. Oberson is an authentic company with team members who strive to give the best to their clients. With services lasting all year round, Oberson continues to offer the best sporting goods.

Services with Kastor Web:

In 2015, Oberson partnered up with us at Kastor Web. Oberson had never explored the world of Google Adwords and online publicity before. More so, they had never invested in developing their digital marketing through Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing until partnering with us. Kastor Web and Oberson worked together to set up goals for the sports company. Our first goal was to increase ranking results on Google, which will then guarantee a force that will drive people to the website. Secondly, through our digital marketing expertise, our goal was to increase sales. Oberson wanted to stay dedicated to their current customers, and with an added goal of acquiring new customers. With countless days of work, we at Kastor Web don’t ever stop. We were able to get the ball rolling quickly from the get go, and Oberson was able to get a fantastic return on investment.


  • Increase ranking results on Google;
  • Increase sales;
  • And acquire new customers.

In order to accomplish these goals we set in place, we came up with marketing strategies that will help us. If our goal is to get Oberson on top of the world of Google Adwords, some website adjustments needed to be made. Essentially, we sat down with Oberson’s team and followed through with an onsite audit for SEO and Google Adwords. Within months, our digital marketing agents were able to raise ranking results within the top 5 on Google. Immediately, this increased the direct traffic towards Oberson’s website. Successfully, with a rise in direct traffic, came an increase in sales.

Due to the fact that outdoor sporting equipment is high in demand in Quebec, we at Kastor Web decided to implement banner ads, Facebook ads, and retargeting strategies to reach a wider audience at a quicker rate. Successfully, we were able to increase the amount of generated traffic through our unique and specific tactics. As a result, every 1$ spent made Oberson 6$ in sales.

At Kastor Web, we always keep in mind that helping our clients in the most beneficial way possible is our number one priority. After running Oberson’s campaign for 2 years, we noticed immediate and great positive feedback. Moreover, that is OUR goal at Kastor Web as we want to see our clients succeed. The collaboration never stops, as our strategies continue to be active and generate a higher rate of success. Kastor Web ensures satisfaction and continuous progress through the work and services we provide.