65 years ago, a German company presented themselves to the world and became the most internationally recognised household brand. “The Vileda brand stands for high quality, reliable, innovative and long lasting products.” ( Vileda offers household and cleaning products through distribution across many different countries. Through their positive customer response, they grew in the market. Their products are available in over 30 countries around the world, including Canada & the U.S.  In addition, they have expanded in the digital world as well. With their products available online , Vileda products are now accessible on Walmart, Amazon, and Staples.

Innovation is Vileda’s strong point, as they are constantly creating new and improved products. Their innovation offers their clients new products that are efficient and trustworthy.

Services with Kastor Web

Vileda has trusted Kastorweb’s services to develop an interactive web contest mandate. Our goal with Vileda was to develop an interactive online contest. With this goal in mind, our agents made sure to target specific audiences.

The objective through this interactive online contest was to “clean your kitchen floor”. In order to do so, you had to take a virtual Vileda sponge and wipe all the dirt off the floors. The beauty of this whole interactive online contest was that there was a fantastic prize to be won. The winner of the contest then had a chance to win a trip to a destination of their choice.

Vileda was very happy with the way the interactive contest turned out and the impact it made to their online audience. Our agents were able to directly target a strong audience through digital marketing and help Vileda make their new campaign successful. Vileda put their trust in us with a challenging project. Though this was an ambitious project, Kastor Web is always up to the challenge. Aiming high and finishing high is how we expected this project to turn out. Both Vileda and Kastor Web can conclude that through an interactive online approach, a company can target a larger audience at an elevated rate.  

We at Kastor Web, are very appeased and proud to have ran a successful interactive web contest for Vileda. More so, we received wonderful feedback from our clients which is always our mission. As a digital marketing firm, our mission is to keep our clients satisfied. Our partnership with Vileda has given them a higher rate of success in the growth of their brand. We ensure that Vileda is satisfied with the work we do and services we provide in order to keep our relationship long term.