Vase&Co is a company established in Laval, Quebec. They are a home decor company that  offers unique and detailed vases with interior design luminary: where simple meets style. In addition, they offer a variety of stylish pots for interior and exterior decor.

Services With Kastor Web:

Vase & Co was looking for a business partner who could design an e-commerce website in order to sell more than 500 products for different types of consumers. Kastorweb has partnered with Vase & Co to offer their web expertise. Kastor Web partnered with them to create their website and manage their marketing campaign. Through this journey, our goals were to apply our expertise through:

  • Create an E-Commerce Website
  • Manage their marketing campaign
  • Work SEO and SEM
  • Facebook contest

Our first steps as agents, were to create the E-commerce website. Kastor Web created the website in Word Press with Woo Commerce and programmed a custom CMS (Content Management System) to create the website to be more user friendly. This helps our client, control and manage the content within their website, without actual technical training. Our agents at Kastor Web also created the design of the platform and linked the POS (Point of Sale) system with their inventory. This will inform our client of the time and place where the specific retail transaction was made, and keep an updated inventory in place. Once the website was created, we hosted the platform on a cloud based server with Amazon.

Shortly after the website was created, Kastor Web worked on important digital marketing concepts. Through Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, we were able to get their sales up and going.  In order to accomplish these tasks and create sales, our number one goal was to establish our clients E-commerce website and make it “search engine friendly”. With the primary use of onsite auditing for SEO and Google Adwords, Kastor Web has been able to generate sales and ranking results.

Kastor Web is currently still working alongside Vase&Co in order to keep increasing ranking results on Google, increase sales, and acquire new customers. This long term relationship is in constant collaboration and growing further. Vase&Co are still in their early stages of development and have already showed a positive response. Kastor Web and Vase&Co will be constantly working on more and new marketing techniques, which will help this home decor business grow further.