Intact Assurance


Intact insurance is Canada’s top provider of home, auto and business insurance. They ensure that the proper financial resources are gathered and provided to the people. Across Canada, Intact Insurance is known for their loyalty and proper assistance. However the wind blows, Intact is always there for their customers. They have a great reputation that expands across Canada. They’re ultimate goal is to ensure their customers are being taken care of and above all, customer satisfaction. Intact Insurance is very well known around North America, which is why they wanted to partner up with Kastor Web.

Services with Kastor Web

Intact Insurance had an objective to reach out to a general population online. Through the right digital marketing analysis, Kastor Web was able to come up with the right tools to reach their goal.

Their goals were:

  • To increase sales;
  • Raise their visibility on the internet;
  • Acquire new customers.

With these goals in mind, we had the right ideas to work with our client. Our specific services with Intact Insurance were to create a micro website, as well as a pop up. We also developed content for both the micro website and the pop up.

In this case, a micro website for Intact Insurance was a great tactic to implement. In essence, the micro website was unique and simple, which made a big impact online. Through this micro website, Kastor Web was able to create more attraction. Initially, the small content was able to populate the people subscribing to their existing newsletter. This digital marketing tool can be subtle yet very effective.

Secondly, we at Kastor Web were able to create a pop-up including content for Intact Insurance. This pop-up was used in form, to display Intact Insurance’s content, which then acts as an advertisement. This pop-up window led the viewers who clicked to another window. For Intact, this was very important because, essentially their goal was to attract as many people as possible, which then led the subscribers convert into buyers. Statistically, subscribers to newsletters are the ones who convert into actual buyers and Kastor Web did exactly that. Our agents at KW were able to generate over 40,000 subscribers on top of also collecting their email addresses.

Newsletters drive the most buyers, keeping this in mind we decided the best way to reach Intact Insurance’s goal, was to create a micro website and a pop-up window. Our clients at Intact Insurance were very pleased with the results. They were not only able to see positive results in their sales, but they were able to see that working with us was a long term investment.