Terrasses Bonsecours

Terrasse Bonsecours is the trendiest place to be in the city of Montreal. The Old Port of Montreal has 375 years of great history, and Terrasse Bonsecours is a part of it. With their bistro and nightclub, they can accommodate anything from a boozy brunch to a 5 @ 7. Both their bistro and nightclub have a captivating atmosphere that attracts every montrealer and tourist during a Montreal summer. Their opening season starts from May through September to take advantage of Montreal’s best weather. Terrasse Bonsecours is successful in their new market. With an exceptional site and a clientele in constant evolution, the challenge was to develop the sources of potential revenue to the private spaces they have to offer.

Services with Kastorweb:


Kastorweb is a digital marketing agency that builds unique and efficient websites, driving web campaigns, search engine optimization as well as search engine marketing. In 2017, Terrasse Bonsecours teamed up with Kastorweb in search of wanting their company to be noticed.

Kastorweb will start by having a good understanding of the customer and their behaviour, (in this case Terrasse Bonsecours). Kastorweb will ensure to work with the client and what will work best in order for the clients business. More so, with a large understanding of the customer and their business, we are then able to create and maximize their profits through digital marketing.

First steps, were to re-create an aesthetically and user friendly website. With direct and concrete (tangible) information, we were able to provide the best representation through web development and web marketing for Terrasse Bonsecours  **  The goal for our client’s web development and marketing is as follows:

  • To increase the reservations of the reception rooms.
  • To maximize the bookings for corporate events.
  • To fill out the reservation calendar of marriages everything in respecting the image of the mark, Kastorweb has ensured a positive return on the investment of the adwords campaign.

Terrasse Bonsecours has magnified the number of visitors going on the website, which increased significantly over the past year from 2016-2017, by 23%.

Collaborating with KastorWeb also meant that Terrasse Bonsecours was ready to embark towards utilizing search engine optimization and search engine marketing. This agency is always putting their clients on top, especially with the use of SEO and SEM. In digital marketing, “impressions” are the number of times people see your ad, with a limited budget. The clients impressions in 2016 were 118,663, which grew largely in 2017 after KastorWeb was able to get their impressions to 154,107 actual exposure with a limited budget.

In 2016, Terrasse Bonsecours’ click through rate was 2,833. Since partnering with KastorWeb, their average CTR doubled from a 1.2% to a 2.39%, substantially increasing ranking results on Google. Within less than a year, we’ve been able to raise their clicks from 2,833 to 3,678.

It has now been 3 years in a row we are doing the digital marketing for Terrasse Bonsecours. At KastorWeb, our clients are valued. Every client is so happy with their results that they renew with us year after year.

We work closely with every client. Here at KastorWeb, there are no regular employees. Only people owning their digital marketing knowledge and applying it to their client needs.